Christmas Music Dance Party

Christmas Music Dance Party

Electronic Circuit 02

Electronic Circuit 02

Electro House Music Vol. 2

Electro House Music Vol. 2

Essential House Party

Essential House Party

IBIZA Deep Soulful 2017 Vol.2

IBIZA Deep Soulful 2017 Vol.2

Christmas Classics House Music Party

Christmas Classics House Music Party

Electro House Christmas 2016

Electro House Christmas 2016

Mykonos Sensation

Mykonos Sensation

Mayday Project Duo :: Alex Prax & Anthony Maxul

Mayday Project Duo :: Alex Prax & Anthony Maxul

December 05 2018 Band

Mayday Project Duo is a musical project founded by Alessio Prasciolu aka Alex Prax, deejay and producer from Cagliari (Italy). The current lineup consists of Anthony Maxul, singer and musician from Cagliari.... Mayday Project Duo :: Alex Prax & Anthony Maxul


Alex Prax DJ

Alessio Prasciolu, aka Alex Prax (Mayday Project) is an italian deejay & producer from Cagliari (Italy). He was born in Cagliari on December 15th, 1984. He loves best Progressive House and Electronic, and likes Tech House and Deep House too. His set is made up of innovative research of peculiar sounds that contain mainly electronic sonorities. This completes his personal production repertoire. Alex is manager of the Ichnusa Recordings Label.


His first musical project is “Origin” for the label Sounday of Stefano Fontana aka Stylophonic. He has contributed to many projects with: Benvenuto Edizioni Musicali, Dance Rhythm, Urbanlife Records, Smilax Publishing, Overmind Records, Fair Play Recordings, Sinfonylife Records, Moon Deep Records, Bacci Bros Records, New Creatures, Romano Records, Houzier, Our Thing Music, Primate, Moog & BBR 2.

Since early 2000, he works in various discos & clubs near Cagliari. He played in the best clubs and places of Sardinia.

Since January 2015 Alex has been living in London, working with different organizations playing music in famous clubs of the capital.

Mayday Project Duo is a musical project founded by Alex. He is currently working with Anthony Maxul, singer and musician from Cagliari.

He had his first training in 2009 with Riccardo Corda aka Riky B, now Rick Sanders. Their works are marked by Electro and Progressive House sounds with influence of Classical Music. First project – named “Mayday” – has been released by Dance Rhythm “Benvenuto Edizioni Musicali”, in collaboration with Riccardo Derio, now Therio.

Then, he joined “Puccini Street” and “Aquarium” for the label Mcgroove Records & Fair Play Recordings, in collaboration with Rick Sanders, Andrea Del Vescovo, Andrea Loche & Corrado Zonnedda.

Coming out in September 2015 the new project "Face" for Moon Deep Records.

He got positive feedback from people involved in music field: Cid Inc, Gai Barone, Markus Schulz, Egostereo, Paul Harris, Jay Marshall, Sonic Union, Kassey Voorn.

Mayday Project having excellent results: it is listed in important selling charts and included in numerous deejay’s play-lists.


  • 2015 - Mayday Project - Face (Moon Deep Records)

  • 2015 Alex Prax - Door 64 (Romano Records)

  • 2014 Alex Prax - Strings of Summer (New Creatures)

  • 2014 Alex Prax - One Way (Sinfonylife Records)

  • 2014 Alex Prax - Barclays Club (Sinfonylife Records)

  • 2014 Alex Prax - Urban Subway (Sinfonylife Records)

  • 2014 Alex Prax - Jamaica Station (Sinfonylife Records)

  • 2012 Lisa The Voice - My Deejay "Alex Prax Remix" (Ichnusa Recordings)

  • 2011 Alex Prax - Come Back feat. Sound of Island (Overmind Records)

  • 2011 Mayday Project - Aquarium (Fair Play Recording)

  • 2011 Mayday Project - Puccini Street (Fair Play Recording)

  • 2010 Sir. Lemon Slice & Mr. Pumpkin Dice - Pub 'n Dub "Alex Prax Remix" (Urbanlife Records)

  • 2010 Alex Prax - I Wish You Don't Mind feat. Lisa The Voice (Overmind Records)

  • 2010 Alex Prax - Strings of Summer (Urbanlife Records)

  • 2010 Alex Prax & Missy Jay – Come Back feat. Ayeesha (Urbanlife Records)

  • 2010 Alex Prax - Ichnusa Springs (Urbanlife Records)

  • 2010 Pier Giorgio Usai - Your Eyes "Alex Prax Remix" (Urbanlife Records)

  • 2010 Alex Prax - Lens Distorsion (Dance Rhythm / Urbanlife Records)

  • 2010 Mayday Project - Mayday "Alex Prax Remix" (Dance Rhythm / Urbanlife Records)

  • 2010 Carlo Cavalli - Love in Bucarest "Alex Prax Remix" (Benvenuto Edizioni Musicali)

  • 2009 Mayday Project, Alex Prax & Riccardo Corda – Mayday (Dance Rhythm)

  • 2009 Alex Prax - Origin (Sounday)


  • Christmas Music Dance Party (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Electronic Circuit 02 (Moog)

  • Electro House Music Vol. 2 (BBR 2)

  • Essential House Party (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Ibiza Deep Soulful 2017 Vol.2 (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Christmas Classics House Music Party (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Electro House Christmas 2016 (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Halloween Monsters (New Creatures)

  • Electronic Circuit (Moog)

  • Tech Music Selection 02 (Primate)

  • Mykonos Sensation (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Electro House Music Vol.1 (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Celebrate Easter - House Music Essential Vol. 1 (Bacci Bros. Records) 

  • Best Of Deep House - Halloween 2015 (Bacci Bros. Records) 

  • Halloween House Classic (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Ibiza 2015 Deep And Soulful House Music - Vol.2 (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Ibiza Summer 2015 - House Music Collection Vol.1 (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Best of Electro House Music Vol.1 - Summer Collection 2015 (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • In Da Houze - Vol.8 (Houzier)

  • Exile (Our Thing Music)

  • Spring Break 2015 Electro House Music (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Christmas 2014 House Classics (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Electro House New Years Eve (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Electro Halloween (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Electro House Vol. 1 - Halloween Collection (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Electro Mania Vol. 1 (Bacci Bros. Records)

  • Elektrotek (Sinfonylife Records)

  • Africa Malindi (Sinfonylife Records)

  • Deep Elite (Moon Deep Records)

  • 120 BPM (Urbanlife Records)

  • Lady Compilation (Urbanlife Records)

  • Dj Format Vol. 1 (Smilax Publishing)

  • Mykonos Essencial Selection 2011 (Urbanlife Records)

  • Sasà The King Live in Mykonos 2010 (Urbanlife Records)

  • House Selection (Urbanlife Records)